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Ruian Kangtai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Ruian Jinhui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,are specialized in producing high-precision fastening sleeve, coupling and other related mechanical transmission accessories. The company has passed IS09001:2000 international quality system certification, strong technical force, complete equipment, reliable quality, reputation first!
The company absorbs Japan, Germany and other technologies; adopts intelligent numerical control equipment; chooses high-quality raw materials, strictly enforces the requirements of JB/T7934-1999 quality standards, refines products, and after a number of rigorous inspection and testing means, puts them into the market. From the feedback information of customers around the world, Kangtai products are shown. It has the characteristics of reliable force transmission, long trial life, convenient disassembly and assembly, invariant shape, lasting utility, reasonable price and so on. It greatly saves materials for customers, speeds up the cost recovery and enlarges the popularity of supporting products.
All staff of Kangtai Company adhere to the principle of "Quality is the vitality of the enterprise", whether it is the engineer or the front-line worker to check the quality of the product layer by layer. Since the product was put into the market, it has been highly praised. Kangtai's business philosophy: Kangtai products with confidence, Kangtai after-sales service comfortable, customer satisfaction in Kangtai! Now Kangtai's products have established a certain visibility and credibility in major enterprises all over the country. In today's growing enterprise, Kangtai people value more the credibility established with customers. At the same time, we sincerely hope that old and new friends will monitor the quality of our products for a long time. Kangtai people value reputation, Kangtai people value quality, Kangtai products are your regretless choice!
May our cooperation last forever!

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